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Let us carry you by the Logistics

ACTH Normandie is engaged with the CRITT T & L of Le Havre with Shipping Company Marfret in a project of studies within the framework of the State-Regions Inter-regional Plan Contract Valley of the Seine (CPIER VdS) in its call for expression of interest 2015 -2020 for the framework of the ecological transition and economic valuation.

The ASTRID Project (Seine Seine Regional Innovative Waste Transfer), which has also been accredited by NOV@LOG, consists of a rapid and operational feasibility study of a plurimodal massification and pooling scheme for river collection and transfer. or rail waste recovered between the sorting centers of the Ile de France and the recovery sites in the Normandy region. This study is supported and financed by ADEME and the Normandy and Ile de France regions.

ACTH Normandie is currently collaborating with the company ACTIZLOG on a feasibility study entrusted by Logistique Seine Normandie for Haropa with the aim of relaunching a maritime freight line with Finland and another with Ireland, historical shipping lines which stopped a few years ago because of unfavorable economic conditions of the time.
In parallel, a search for current maritime and multimodal physical flows is carried out in order to determine the existing actors of the transport chains.

Mentions légales

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